pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
of the Garden State


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pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state


Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, "Certainly, I can!" Then get busy and find out how to do it.

— Theodore Roosevelt

AKC Legislative Liaison
Chairperson — Melody Kist

AKC Outreach
Chairperson — Richard Burd

Chairperson — as needed

Delegate to PWCCA
Chairperson — open

Acts as liaison between this Club and the parent club and whenever possible attends meetings of the parent club, keeping it informed of this Club's activities and likewise reporting to this Club the activities of the parent club. The delegate is always a member in good standing of the parent club. May attend PWCCGS board meetings without a vote in order to make reports.

Delegate to NJDF
Chairperson — Debbie Ransom; alternate: Peg Forte

Chairperson — Mary Ann Jones

Judges' Selection / Breed & Obedience/Rally
Committee Members — Carol Braunstein and Melody Kist

This committee works to create a short list of judges for sweepstakes and regular classes at our specialty. From this list, the members vote on their choices for judges. The committee also works with local all-breed clubs to select judges for our supported entries. The committee generally meets 1-2x per year.

Judges' Hospitality — Supported Entry
Chairperson — as needed

Puppy Referral
Chairperson — Sally Felix

"Helping well-bred corgis find their way into loving homes"

The Puppy Referral Committee is a referral service for all PWCCGS members who breed their corgis and are looking to find good homes for them. Individuals looking for a corgi puppy are either referred by club members, the club website, the AKC website or the Pembroke Corgi Club of America website. Inquires are received via. email or telephone. The committee refers prospective owners to the breeders with available puppies. If no puppies are available, their names are put on a waiting list and they are also given the name and telephone number of the Rescue Committee Chairperson in case they might be interested in adopting a rescued corgi. The committee consists of one member.

Chairperson — Carol Wyatt

These positions are the guardians of the lost and nearly forgotten corgi. Rescue attempts to identify, appraise, retrain and re-home corgis who have been abandoned, strayed, been given up by past owners or turned into rescue as unmanageable. The rescue committee fosters these dogs, they update needed medical care, retrain as much as possible, temperament test and place the rescues.

Rescue administers a transfer of ownership contract with those giving up dogs and adopters are required to sign a Contract regarding care of their new corgi. If possible, dogs are micro-chipped before placement. All dogs are neutered before placement and brought up-to-date on shots and needed medical work (i.e. teeth cleaning, nails shortened).

Rescue remains as a resource for adopters after placement of the dog and will always take a dog back into the program if the placement does not work or the adopter cannot keep the dog. Donations are requested for the adoption of dogs and a donation is requested when a dog is given up to the program.

The program is currently in need of club members who are able to foster.

Show Committees
Contact chairperson for specific event for details of open positions.

Chairperson — Karen Fruhman

The "Sunshine" person sends greetings to PWCCGS members who are in need of wishes of "get well" or "cheer", or "expressions of sympathy".

Chairperson —Sally Felix

This position is responsible for submitting an account of the Club's recent activities, election of board, upcoming events — and other note worthy Club news — for publication in the PWCCA quarterly newsletter.

Trophies & Awards
Chairperson — Carol Braunstein

The trophy committee provides the trophies for the PWCCGS Specialty, plus several Supported Entries at designated shows during the year. This involves keeping track of which trophies need to be purchased each year, soliciting donors for those trophies, providing a list of trophies and their respective donors for premium lists and catalogs, ordering and labeling the trophies, delivering the trophies to the appropriate shows, and billing the donors for the trophies purchased.

Ways and Means
Chairperson — Linda Butsch

Web Site
Chairperson — Ed Sheppard and Jeff Powers

Maintain web site that promotes club events & programs and that serves as a resource for members and visitors.

Questions? Interested in volunteering?

If you have any questions about any of our committees, click here to send an e-mail to have the appropriate chairperson get in touch with you.

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

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